Tell the City We Need an Expanded Main

Main Libary.jpg

The City of Oakland is creating its Draft Downtown Development Plan – and guess what’s missing from the city’s vision of our future? An expanded Main Library. The plan projects more than 65,000 new residents and 40,000 new units downtown. The Downtown Plan emphasizes culture; the arts, affordability and equity, but fails to recognize the role the Main Library plays as a resource addressing all of these needs. Serving patrons of all ages, linguistic groups, and education levels, the library is a great equalizer and a space where, in our diversity, we create a shared public culture.

Built in 1950, the Main Library is heavily used and much loved, but its role and services have changed. With the renaissance of the downtown, we have the opportunity to expand our Main Library. A 21st-century facility with increased space can serve Oakland’s diverse and growing population. If you agree that Oakland should plan for an expanded Main Library that meets the needs of our rapidly changing city, please add your voice NOW to the Downtown Plan process.


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